Source code for dateparser

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
__version__ = '0.3.3'

from .date import DateDataParser
from .conf import apply_settings

_default_parser = DateDataParser(allow_redetect_language=True)

[docs]def parse(date_string, date_formats=None, languages=None, settings=None): """Parse date and time from given date string. :param date_string: A string representing date and/or time in a recognizably valid format. :type date_string: str|unicode :param date_formats: A list of format strings using directives as given `here <>`_. The parser applies formats one by one, taking into account the detected languages. :type date_formats: list :param languages: A list of two letters language codes.e.g. ['en', 'es']. If languages are given, it will not attempt to detect the language. :type languages: list :param settings: Configure customized behavior using settings defined in :mod:`dateparser.conf.Settings`. :type settings: dict :return: Returns :class:`datetime <datetime.datetime>` representing parsed date if successful, else returns None :rtype: :class:`datetime <datetime.datetime>`. :raises: ValueError - Unknown Language """ parser = _default_parser if any([languages, not settings._default]): parser = DateDataParser(languages=languages, settings=settings) data = parser.get_date_data(date_string, date_formats) if data: return data['date_obj']